With that rant out of the way, we continue with our MEADOWLANDS mall coverage. Here we see a mid-2000s logo for the complex, which , at the time, was being promoted as MEADOWLANDS XANADU.
Graphic from http://www.xanadumeadowlandsnj.com/ (website on Internet Archive Wayback Machine)

This trademark was used in the time between May 2010 and April 2011.
Graphic from http://visitmeadowlands.com

Above we have the latest logo for the mall-to-be, which is now officially known as AMERICAN DREAM MEADOWLANDS.
Graphic from www.americandream.com


  1. Strong resemblance and reminger of May Co. California's 70s-era Big M logo.

  2. Hummmm,

    I never even picked up on that, but the May Co. and Meadowlands logos are VERY similar.

    Thanks for posting.