Originally promoted as The Ferris Wheel, then The Pepsi Globe, and then as The Observation Wheel, the mall's tallest attraction-to-be is now referred to as the Dreamview Observation Wheel. As originally planned, it was to stand 541 feet high. After a brouhaha with the nearby Teterboro Airport, the height of the proposed structure was reduced to 286 feet.
Drawing from http://visitmeadowlands.com


  1. Isn't PepsiCo based in Purchase, New York and not New Jersey? Even before it's current headquarters, it was located in the city on Park Avenue, during a time when men still wore hats.

  2. Anon,

    Correct you are...and, as well, correctly this caption now reads.

    Thanks much for perusing and posting here @ the SHOPPING MALL MUSEUM...and for straightening out the location of the PepsiCo home office.