The suburban-style mall arrived on the continent of Africa in 1961.


  1. Do you plan to do an major article on South Africa's malls anytime soon? I'd like to learn more of the retail history there. Any questions, I'll gladly fill in!

  2. Randy,

    A couple of months back, I wanted to do just that....create an in-depth section about Africa / South Africa malls...just like those for Asia, Europe / UK and / or Australia.

    Hower, info was very scarce. I had to abandon the project. What little I could find was used for this short segment here (I also wanted to do an in-depth section for South America, but couldn't find enough info about that, either).

    So...anything you can provide would be appreciated. I "dunno" if I would be able to put together a full-fledged article (like those for Australia..or Asia..or whatever)....but I would try.

    I think it will be especially difficult to find out what a "centre" such as KILLARNEY MALL was like in 1961....

    Or IGUATEMI SAO PAULO was like in 1966....