KILLARNEY MALL was built in the Killarney district of Johannesburg, in the Transvaal Province of South Africa (the jurisdiction was renamed Gauteng ["gow-ten"] in December 1994).

Developed by John Schlezenger on a site 2.2 miles north of centre city Johannesburg, KILLARNEY MALL was apparently an open-air structure.

The centre encompassed 150,700 square feet after a mid-1980s renovation...and was -more than likely- fully-enclosed at this time. A 50 million Rand expansion and renovation was performed in 1998-1999. The complex was now a 414,900 square foot "minor regional centre".

Today, major KILLARNEY MALL stores are Edgars (apparel and accessories) and Woolworths and Pick-N-Pay supermarkets. The 2-level shopping precinct houses 153 shops and services. A 6-plex cinema is one of its latest additions.
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