Above is a contemporary view of the second major shopping mall in Brazil. Originally known as SHOPPING IGUATEMI SALVADORE, it opened in December 1975. The complex was built in the City of Salvadore, in the State of Bahia, which is in the northeast sector of the country. The name of the facility was changed to SHOPPING DA BAHIA in January 2015. Today, it encompasses 1.7 million square feet and contains 414 stores.                                                
Photo from http://www.aliansce.com.br  

The second shopping mall in Sao Paulo was dedicated in August 1976. Today, SHOPPING IBIRAPUERTA ["ee-bee-duh-poo-air-duh"] spans 1.8 million square feet, with a retail roster of 426 stores.
Photo from https://abrilvejasp.files.wordpress.com