As a result of commercial competition, the IGUATEMI mall was expanded and refurbished. Additions from the late 1970s are shown in dark gray on this circa-1983 site plan. The latest enlargement, in lighter gray, has just added a second multilevel parking facility and new northeast facade. The existing structure has also been enclosed and air-conditioned, with the entire complex being renamed IGUATEMI SAO PAULO.

A view of Garage Nova (or the "New Garage"). Completed in 1982, it extended the northeast facade of IGUATEMI SAO PAULO out to the curb of the "Faria Lima" throroughfare. A third level of retail was also added to the circa-1966 building. 
Photo from / OAS Group

An interior view of the Praca de Alimentacao ["prah-kah jiy ay-luh-uh-men-tes-oh"] (or "Food Court"). This culinary complex was built in space previously occupied by Sears.
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