Washington, DC's CONNECTICUT AVENUE PARK & SHOP courted its first customers in December 1930. The shopping complex, one of the first in the nation to provide an off-street parking area, was developed by Herbert Shannon and Morton Luchs and designed by Arthur Heaton. 
Photo Library of Congress      

The Park & Shop encompassed 59,000 square feet of selling space and originally housed fourteen stores and services. Among these were Woodley Foods & Liquors A & P Market, Sanitary Food Stores Piggly Wiggly Market, Whittlesey's Drug Store and Jimmie's Ladies Beauty & Bobber Salon.

In January 1931, stores in the "Unit B" building at Greater Dallas' HIGHLAND PARK SHOPPING VILLAGE opened for business. These included an A & P Market and Hunt Grocery Company store. This complex was innovative due to its store blocks, which faced inward onto two parking areas...instead of the street. 
Photo from www.hpvillage.com

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