KILLARNEY CENTRE was no more than 5 years old before its first renovation was undertaken. South and East Wings were added and the entire structure fully-enclosed and climate-controlled.
Photo from "Urban Continuum" / Tahira Toffa / Killarney Mall Management

To accommodate its expansion, the mall was extended over the entirety of the 13-acre plot. The 56-year-old film studio was relocated and then demolished. When the construction dust settled in 1972, the shopping complex had been renamed KILLARNEY MALL.

The KILLARNEY MALL renovation was done as a keeping up measure with several super-sized shopping hubs that were under development on the outskirts of Johannesburg. The first of these, SANDTON CITY, was dedicated in 1973. EASTGATE CENTRE, seen here, opened in 1979.
Photo from "Urban Continuum" / Tahira Toffa / Norwich 1986: 76