We now visit 3 other Tokyo shopping hubs. The first, SHIBUYA 109, is situated in the city's southwestern environs. It was dedicated in March 1979 and was built across the street from a train station. The 109 mall is not a true retail rival of TAMAGAWA TAKASHIMAYA, but is included here as an historical reference. The complex encompasses only 175,000 leasable square feet. Its 120 boutiques cater exclusively to young ladies.
Photo from Wikipedia / "Cybercobra"

LAZONA KAWASAKI PLAZA is more in the line of a genuine commercial competitor. This facility, which spans 1,614,500 leasable square feet, is also located in Tokyo's southwestern suburbs. It houses 280 stores and was dedicated in September 2006. LAZONA KAWASAKI PLAZA follows the "station mall" format, where an enclosed shopping gallery has been built adjacent to -or as part of- a railway terminal.
Photo from Wikipedia / "Tama"

Lastly, we have AEON LAKETOWN, located in Koshigaya City, a planned community in the northeastern environs of Tokyo. Enveloping 2,411,116 leasable square feet and 720 tenant spaces, it opened for business in October 2008. The complex, also a "station mall", consists of 3 zones; Kaze, Mori and LakeTown Outlet. 
Photo from http://www.seiritsu-int.com