Our photo tour continues with images of the retail hub in the here and now. Above we see a nighttime view of Brush Creek and THE PLAZA, which is decked out for the annual Plaza Lights yuletide celebration.
Photo from Wikipedia / "Hngrange"

The J.P. Nichols Memorial Fountain, the primary water feature at today's COUNTRY CLUB PLAZA, was dedicated in May 1960. In the distance is the Giralda Tower. For years, it was the tallest structure in the complex. 
Photo from Wikipedia / "Charvex"

Valencia Place, a 10-floor office tower and retail facility, took the place of a northwest quadrant parking lot in the year 2000.
Photo from www.jedunn.cpm (J.E. Dunn Construction Company)

Granada Shops, a more recent addition to THE PLAZA. Its shoppes were built on the lower level of the existing Sears parking garage. This construction project was completed in 2002.
Photo from http://www.designwithinsightcom