Our photo tour now joins the south Kansas City retail hub in the here and now. Above we see a nighttime view of Brush Creek and THE PLAZA, which is decked out for the annual Plaza Lights yuletide celebration.
Photo from Wikipedia / "Hngrange"

The J.P. Nichols Memorial Fountain, which is the primary water feature at today's COUNTRY CLUB PLAZA. It was dedicated May 15, 1960. In the distance is the Giralda Tower; for years, the tallest structure in the complex. 
Photo from Wikipedia / "Charvex"

Valencia Place, a 10-floor office tower and retail combo, was built on a northwest quadrant parking lot in 1999-2000.
Photo from www.jedunn.cpm (J.E. Dunn Construction Company)

Granada Shops, a recent addition to THE PLAZA. It was built in the east side of the Sears store's parking garage. The reconstruction project was completed in 2002.
Photo from http://www.designwithinsightcom/other/173.html