In September 1952, a joint venture was formed between Simpson's and America's Sears & Roebuck. The first SIMPSONS-SEARS store opened, in Stratford, Ontario, in September 1953, with a corporate headquarters established in Toronto. Until 1972, there was a statute whereby no SIMPSONS-SEARS could be built within 25 miles of an existing Simpson's. In August 1973, the dual branding was abandoned and SIMPSONS-SEARS stores became SEARS. In 1978, Simpson's was purchased by the Hudson's Bay Company. The partnership was dissolved and SEARS Canada came into being in 1984.

HENRY MORGAN & COMPANY started with a store in Montreal in 1845. At its peak, MORGAN'S operated locations in Quebec and Ontario. The chain was acquired by the Hudson's Bay Company in 1960. Stores in Ontario became The Bay in 1964. Those in Quebec continued to operate as MORGAN'S, and then MORGAN (sans possessive), until being rebranded as La Baie in 1972.