In 1962, Michigan's S.S. Kresge Corporation established a Canadian KMART division, which was headquartered in Brampton, Ontario. The first store opened, in London, Ontario, in 1963. By the 1970s, KMART had a major presence in Canada. The American parent company, known as the KMART Corporation post-1977, began to encounter financial difficulties in the 1990s. All Canadian stores were sold to Zellers, a discount division of the Hudson's Bay Company, in February 1998.

ZELLERS came into being in 1931, with 14 Ontario stores. A headquarters was established in Brampton Ontario. The chain expanded exponentially, by way of store acquisitions, between 1952 and 1976. ZELLERS was purchased by the Hudson's Bay Company in 1978, who expanded the chain further by buying out competitors in the 1990s. At its peak, ZELLERS encompassed 350 stores. In 2011 a deal was struck with Minnesota's Target chain. Most ZELLERS would be Target-branded, with other stores either being sold to WalMart Canada or closed. In the end, ZELLERS was run into the ground by Target's unsuccessful Canadian venture. All Canadian stores had been shuttered by mid-2015.