1957 was perhaps the most important year in history for the Australian retail industry. Brisbane's CHERMSIDE DRIVE-IN CENTRE -the nation's first regional-class, post-war shopping precinct- started trading to the public May 30th.

Greater Sydney's TOP RYDE DRIVE-IN CENTRE, the first for that city and the second regional-sized, post-war shopping complex in the Commonwealth, opened November 14. A retail revolution "down under" was underway!

Brisbane's open-air CHERMSIDE DRIVE-IN CENTRE was the first major, suburban-style shopping complex built outside North America. The mall was situated 6 miles from the city centre. It was anchored by a Brisbane-based Allen & Stark department store and featured twenty-three inline tenants. Its car park had space for seven hundred automobiles. NOTE: A much smaller -non department store-anchored- centre -BELL STREET MALL- had opened, in Melbourne, in 1956.
Photo 1 from http://westfield.com/corporate/pdf/history/chapter2.pdf
Photo 2 from State Library of Queensland