This shot, and the one that follows, show GREENBELT CENTER as it appeared in 2005. Today, the circa-1930s sections of the garden city are known as "Old Greenbelt".
Photo from Library of Congress / James W. Rosenthal

GREENBELT CENTER, the epicenter of "Old Greenbelt",  is now known as ROOSEVELT CENTER.
Photo from Library of Congress / James W. Rosenthal

In a circa-2016 site plan of ROOSEVELT CENTER, we see that its movie house has been renovated. Its grand re-opening was held April 30, 2015. 

Greenbelt's ROOSEVELT CENTER is the best preserved -and most structurally original- of the three New Deal-era green town centers. After 80 years, it STILL retains its classic Art Deco design. Unfortunately, the greenbelt forest that originally surrounded the city has been decimated by development and the construction of new highways. 
Photo from

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