A circa-1939 aerial of Greenbelt, Maryland. GREENBELT CENTER, the Public Swimming Pool and Community Building may be seen in the upper left.
Photo from Library of Congress 

The New Deal garden suburb concept stipulated that each green community would have a shopping center as its nucleus. Center cities, such as GREENBELT CENTER seen above, were designed with the nation's emerging car culture in mind...in fact, they helped define it.
Photo from Library of Congress / John Vachon

Shucking corn at one of the community farms within the Greenhills greenbelt. Over sixty farms were maintained in the forests of Greenhills and Greendale. The central city shopping center of Greenhills even had a Farmer's Market in its parking lot. The Greenbelt garden city did not have community farms.
Photo from Library of Congress / John Vachon

Greendale City Manager Walter Kroenig consults with a farmer at the city's dairy plant. The photo was taken in June of 1941.
Photo from Library of Congress / John Vachon

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