A westward view of the massive Rotunda Concourse. The entry into the equally huge Train Concourse and Waiting Room area is visible in the distance. The two main UNION TERMINAL mosaics are also in view. On the left is "The Development of the Nation". On the right, "The Growth of Cincinnati". These and other interior works were done by German artist Winold Reiss.Photo from Library of Congress

In this Rotunda view, "The Growth of Cincinnati" mosaic may be seen almost in its entirety. From right to left, it chronicled the development of the Queen City from its Fort Washington settlement (1789) through the riverboats of the 19th century...ending with construction of the TERMINAL structure in the early 1930s.

Photo from Library of Congress

On the opposite side of the Rotunda, "The Development of the Nation" told the story of transportation in the United States...this proceeding from left to right.
Photo from http:www.cincymuseum.org (Cincinnati Museum Center)