In this early 1930s shot, the CINCINNATI UNION TERMINAL is in the throes of construction. It would take 4 years -and nearly 42 million (1930) dollars- to complete.
Photo from Library of Congress


  1. What great posts! Thanks so much for sharing this. I have actually been trying to get a little more information about the bell - willowbrook mall... Do you happen to know anything about that?

    1. Only that it is in British Columbia.

      Canadian malls are sometimes a bit more difficult to get much history on...but I have researched a few...West Edmonton Mall, North Hill Centre (Calgary), Yorkdale Centre (Toronto), Wellington Square (Ontario), Devonshire Mall (Ontario) and Fairview Pointe Clair (Montreal).

      I was fortunate enough to locate old newspaper accounts of most of these.

      Thanks much for perusing & posting. Cheers.