The Chapters store at DEVONSHIRE MALL. In early 1996, the Toronto-based bookseller assumed space previously leased as a Miracle Food Mart (1970-1989) and an A & P supermarket (1989-1995).
Photo from (McKay Cocker Construction)

A major mall expansion, built between August 1999 and September 2000, added a Southeast Wing. It was anchored by a Cineplex Odeon 12-plex and added fifteen inline stores to the shopping centre.
Photo from (McKay Cocker Construction)

In a circa-2002 DEVONSHIRE site plan, the 1999-2000 expansion is indicated in medium gray. In darker gray is a section of mallway created from a vacant Miracle Mart, in 1987. It is probable that the adjacent Zellers was added at this time. On the front facade of the complex is the aforementioned Chapters and newly-built Old Navy. This store was completed in mid-2002.  

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