A circa-1975 physical layout. The East Wing, completed in October 1974, is shown in gray. Simpsons-Sears truncated their nameplate to "Sears" in the summer of 1973. The mall is now accessible via a recently-opened stretch of the E.C. Row Expressway. It has just been completed east of the Howard Avenue intersection. A western segment would open in 1977.

In a circa-1976 photo, we see the Sears (nee' Simpsons-Sears) Wing decked out for the yuletide season.
Photo from http://windsorite.ca

In this circa-1981 snapshot, we see the Simpsons Court, in the East Wing of the complex. At the time, Brit-based Marks & Spencer (on the right) was a junior anchor.
Photo from http://windsorstar.com