Zooming up to 1995, we have a physical layout of the PLAZA, following its second renovation and expansion. This project included the addition of a 9-story office tower and enlargement of the mall's existing parking garage. The two junior anchors were out of business by this time...or soon to be. 


  1. The multi-story parking garage was originally smaller than depicted in this diagram, which shows the two-phase expansion which was completed prior to the south parking building in the next diagram.

    The original north parking building was, basically, a fully rectangular structure to which the upper block and the right-side block were added.

  2. Sings,

    Thanks for providing the input. The reference to the (northeast corner) garage has been changed. It now indicates that the original (smaller) garage was enlarged. This drawing shows what was there in a circa-1995 Google Earth aerial view of the mall.

    I am wondering if the original (smaller) garage (on the mall's northeast corner) was built along with the 1979 expansion of the mall...or if it it had been built in the 1980s.

  3. It was part of the 1979 expansion, but finished last.