A circa-2010 physical layout of FASHION SHOW. Three anchors have gone through permutations since the days of the 2004 site plan. Robinsons-May had a 2-year stint as Macy's Fashion Show before closing in January 2008. Bullock's, which was a standard Macy's between 1996 and 2006, was now known as Macy's Las Vegas. The old Dillard's, which did not re-open as a planned Lord & Taylor, became a Forever 21 SuperStore in July 2010.

In a circa-2016 plan, anchor stores have gone through further permutations. The old Macy's Fashion Show is now a Macy's Men's. Macy's Las Vegas is apparently a Women's Store, but is not promoted as such on the official www1.macys.com website. In fact, the Men's Store is not even mentioned. Perhaps both stores are considered one and listed there as "Macy's Fashion Show" (?). On the other end of the mall, the Bloomingdale's Home store has morphed into a Dick's Sporting Goods.