A rendering of the proposed HOLLYWOOD & HIGHLAND COMPLEX. Originally, there was to be a "Premier Theatre" (it was branded by Kodak in July 2000). Q's Juke Joint, a nightclub envisaged by Quincy Jones, never came to fruition. Its space became a Lucky Strike Lanes bowling alley. Debbie Reynolds' Hollywood Motion Picture Museum, announced in the summer of 2001, never panned out, either. It was supposed to open in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee (of all places), in 2009. This -too- never happened. The collection of movie memorabilia was auctioned off in June 2011.
Drawing from http://www.marketingwithstyle.com/McCarthynews

An aerial view of the H&H COMPLEX construction site, taken in October 1999. I was visiting So-Cal during this stage. Looking down into the incredibly deep excavation, I was almost certain I could see a city block of Beijing, lol.
Drawing from