An early 21st century CENTRE MALL logo. By this time, the shopping hub has been bested by newer complexes, such as EASTGATE SQUARE and LIME RIDGE MALL.
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The images directly above and below show CENTRE MALL in its final days. Here we see the south-facing facade and towering arches, probably installed at the Main Entrance as part of a 1980s or '90s mall face lift.
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A latter-day interior view of CENTRE MALL, showing its Central Court area. Stores (going from right-to-left) are Mariposa, Shoe Point, Haircrafters and People's Jewellers.
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Our final CENTRE MALL plan depicts the shopping hub as it stood in 2007. The North Wing, and its vacant Kmart, have been demolished. The Dominion supermarket, a circa-1955 tenant, went through stints as Best For Less, New Dominion and A & P, before being rebannered as The Barn, in 2001.