An expansion, known as Lalaport 2, was built onto LALAPORT FUNABASHI CENTER in 1987-1988, adding 570,000 leasable square feet. The extension, shown in medium gray, included a Food Court and 9-plex cinema. Upon its completion, the official name of the mall was changed to LALAPORT TOKYO-BAY.

The Lalaport Skidome, or SSAWS ["zaws"], was built on a pad southeast of the mall. SSAWS, which was 328 feet high and 1,640 feet long, opened for business in July 1993. It was completed at the same time that the Japanese economy was in free fall and was not successful. The Skidome was shuttered in September 2002, demolished in 2003, and replaced by an IKEA store in 2006.
Photo from Wikipedia / "Morio"

Meanwhile, the Lalaport 3 expansion (in light gray) had been dedicated in early 2001. The closing of Sogo, in late 2001, provided space for a multi-level section of new stores, which were collectively known as Lalaport West (this area also shown in light gray). The mall's recently-expanded parking facilities now accommodate over 8,000 vehicles.