Above, we see an outdoor court area that, in the past, has been referred to as the Clock Garden. It was built as part of Lalaport 3, which was dedicated in April of the year 2000. Today, this section of the complex is known as Lalaport South.
Photo from https://mitsui-shopping-park.com

In an interior view, we see the mall's Zara store. The Spanish retailer opened at LALAPORT TOKYO-BAY in May 2008 and leases a (10,700 square foot) space on Level 1F, in the Lalaport South section.
Photo from https://bartman905.files.wordpress.com 

Ships Days, another apparel chain, maintains a store on Level 2F, in the Lalaport South sector.
Photo from https://www.shipsltd.co.jp