An aerial view of the structure added to the CAROUSEL CENTER mall between 2007 and 2011. It housed 850,000 leasable square feet and had spaces for one hundred stores, restaurants and entertainment venues.
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A site plan -dated 2016- shows the expanded shopping hub. With the official
dedication of the southeastern addition (indicated in gray) the entire
complex is now known as DESTINY USA. The 3 floors of the expansion extend
from the First Level of the existing mall (the addition has no Commons -or
basement- level).

A rendering of the interior of the expansion section at DESTINY USA, showing the 3-story court area known as The Canyon.

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  1. Looking at a current CAROUSEL CENTER floorplan and one of 2002 reveals that the location of Borders Books & Music took up the old entrance and corridor of the southern entrance (H&M side) of Lord & Taylor. Of course, this now back to a corridor, but rather than opening out to the Black Zebra Parking Lot, it's one of the "portals" to the new wing (the reason I refer to this as the "new wing" instead of Destiny USA is because by 2012, the whole mall will be known as such)

  2. Oddly enough, the official CC website does not even include the new addition...and stores already open -such as Hartmann Luggage and Lenox China are not in the directory. I am surprised.....

    There is a kinda-sorta site plan of the expansion on the Destiny site...but it is nowhere near detailed enough.

    Maybe they'll get caught up (website-wise) when the whole thing is officially opened next spring.

    Happy holidays