The concern operating the primary anchor of today's BULLRING BIRMINGHAM first traded to the public in 1909. In the present, Selfridges is owned by a Canadian company. There are three other locations; the London flagship and two stores in Manchester. The BULLRING store is the chain's largest branch.
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  1. The same Canadian company that owns Holt Renfrew there, as well as Brown Thomas in Ireland.

  2. Yeppers, I read that. So...what do you think of the new SHOPPING MALL MUSEUM site?

  3. Just wonderful! I hope you cover South Africa very soon!

  4. Randy,

    Unfortunately, South Africa appears to be out of consideration. I've surveyed and there is next to nada in regard to historical info about South Africa / Johannesburg malls.

    All I can find are websites for KILLARNEY CENTRE / MALL (1961) and HYDE PARK CORNER (1969). There are a few sentences here and there about these malls....and that's it.

    Nothing to work with, apparently.

    Maybe some other Centres there are better covered, historically speaking. If not...I guess I'll have to forget about doing anything on the African continent.

    Oh well, back to the drawing board....