A rendering of London, Ontario's revolutionary roofed retail hub. Anchored by Toronto-based Eaton's, WELLINGTON SQUARE housed forty selling spaces, including a Woolworth 5 & 10. The complex was expanded in 1988-1989 and bequeathed a new moniker...GALLERIA LONDON. This incarnation was less than successful. It has since been repositioned as CITI PLAZA, a mixed-use project of offices, public service facilities and retail.
Rendering from Canadian Architectural Archives, Libraries and Cultural Resources, University of Calgary / Image number 58979-1

Canada's first suburban-style interior mall was built 100 miles east of WELLINGTON SQUARE, in the border city of Saint Catharines, Ontario. FAIRVIEW MALL, which originally encompassed thirty-three stores and services, was dedicated in April 1961. Today, the mall envelops over sixty stores.
Photo from http://www.firstcapitalrealty.ca / First Capital Realty