The Eaton's chain anchored one of the first enclosed malls in the Maritime Provinces. HALIFAX CENTRE opened for business on September 11, 1962. In addition to Eaton's, the 2-level shopping facility housed Lawton's, Reitman's, a Sobey's supermarket and S.S. Kresge 5 & 10.
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Canada's first two-anchor mall was built in the northern stretches of Metro Toronto, at the intersection of the MacDonald Cartier Freeway and proposed Spadina ["spuh-diy-nuh"] Expressway. YORKDALE CENTRE, housing one hundred stores and services, opened for business February 26, 1964. Toronto-based Eaton's and Simpson's were its department store draws.
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The Canadian capital's first fully-enclosed mall opened its doors in late 1967. ST. LAURENT CENTRE, a 30 million dollar complex, was anchored by Simpsons-Sears and Ottawa-based Freimans.
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