Melbourne's Myer Emporium (Myer stores), who built CHADSTONE, followed with NORTHLAND CENTRE. The first of 3 directionally-designated interior malls, it was dedicated in October 1966. The original complex contained 73 stores and services. Today, NORTHLAND CENTRE houses over 330, with a lettable area of 1,025,900 square feet. 
Graphic from the Myer Emporium

The second of Melbourne's 3 directionally-designated malls was EASTLAND CENTRE. Dedicated in October 1967, the shopping precinct contained 40 stores under its roof. It was demolished, save for its Myer anchor store, in the mid-1990s. A new retail complex was dedicated in 1995. Today, it encompasses 1,410,000 lettable square feet and contains over 350 shops.
Rendering from the Myer Emporium