The original BURWOOD SHOPPINGTOWN was built around the Hoyts Astor Theatre, a circa-1934 movie palace. As part of the mall's construction, the Art Deco ediface was given a new ultra-modern facade and renamed the Hoyts Burwood Theatre.
Photo from / John Gleeson

The Central Mall area of the original complex had 2 focal points; the Air Fountain and an Artificial Mountain Brook. Above, we see said Air Fountain, which used jets of air to juggle several metallic balls.
Photo from the Sydney Morning Herald

BURWOOD SHOPPINGTOWN was the first of 3 "incline malls" built by the Westfield organisation. Its sloping site necessitated a unique design, which used a series of ramps to connect its 2 shopping concourses. In all, there were 63 stores and services.
Photo from The Sydney Morning Herald