Two interior views of the rebuilt West Mall section. Work got underway on the project in May 2008 and was completed in November 2009.
Photo 1 from Wikipedia / "Alpha"
Photos 2 from / Aaron Pocock

The southwest section of CHADSTONE, showing the mallway entry of the Myer department store. The original (circa-1960) location was demolished in the mid-1990s, with the new store seen here being dedicated in November 1998.
Photo from Wikipedia / "Raider2044"

Here we see the mall's Woolworths supermarket. It opened, as part of the open-air Chadstone Place expansion, in October 2008. Unlike American malls, who eschewed grocery store tenantry in the early 1970s, Australia's malls still feature food outlets as "mini-majors" (junior anchors). In fact, "Chaddy" features three supermakets; Woolworths, Coles and addition to a Colonial Fresh Markets fruit & produce store.
Photo from Wikipedia / "Alpha"