Our first physical layout, dating to late 1955, shows the configuration of the initial 70,000 square foot complex, which was officially promoted as DON MILLS CONVENIENCE CENTRE. It was built along the northern rim of the 40-plus-acre mall site. 

The original Don Mills development would incorporate 53 different home designs. This modernist model, designed by Irving Grossman and built by Planet Construction, sold for 17,500 dollars in 1956.
Photo from "Canadian Homes & Gardens", February 1959 / https://donmills.wordpress.com

A view of the newly-completed DON MILLS Dominion supermarket, which was a relocation of the smaller -circa-1955- store. Nearly twice the size of the original location, it opened in 1959.
Photo from Explore Retail Stores, Grocery Stores & More! / Mike Calderone

Don Mills Civitan Arena, a junior-league hockey venue, was added to the DON MILLS mall at around the same time that the adjacent Dominion store was constructed.
Photo from https://static1.squarespace.com / Bob Krawczyk 

A high-end space-age structure was built adjacent to the Civitan Arena. The Don Mills Curling Rink, a.k.a. "The Big Top", hosted ice-based curling competition from the time of its September 1960 completion until 1970. Following this, the facility was used as a bingo hall. It was demolished in 1986.
Photo from http://spacing.ca/toronto / Chris Bateman